The Giver Book Review by The Giver

November 8, 2016

If you like reading dystopian books, this is the one for you! The Giver is a about a boy named Jonas who is given a very important role in the community. Given a special job and set of instructions to break the rules, Jonas is chosen as the receiver. When the pain becomes fierce Jonas is left with a choice… Should he stay in the community in which is built on lies, or should he leave and release the memories of the past to the people. Exhausted and frail, The Giver’s release relies on Jonas completing his training as The Receiver.
This is great afternoon read, because of the storyline and few pages. Personally, I like how the author builds the utopia with the idea of sameness and how the protagonist receives a very painful and important job that could very well result in havoc. I do wish that at the end it outlined the effect of his decision on the community. Lastly,  I like the symbols created by the author to make a deeper meaning to what is going on (ex. the apple, the sled, etc.)
Lois Lowry, the author of The Giver provides many literary elements that very well deepen the meaning and content in the book. The book seems simple, but with analysis of things, like the color red make it all the prodigious in detail. The plot is easy to understandable and easy to follow- with no confusing details being thrown in.
Most age groups from tween to adult will appreciate this book. Whether it is a school assignment or even for fun, I recommend this book to anyone interested in the genres of dystopian literature and science fiction or simply in search of a good read.

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