Mickey & Me by Dan Gutman

November 8, 2016

     This book will hook you in and you won’t want to stop reading it!  At first you think “this book is going to be boring” but after you get a couple pages in it gets pretty good. Joe Stoshack, has a super power that allows him to travel back in time using baseball cards. He travels back in time and becomes a mascot for a women’s baseball team during the time of the world war, does pretty cool things, and returns to the present.

     This book was very interesting. I liked that it had baseball in it. Personally I am more of a fan of basketball, but after reading this book, I understand basic terms and strategies used in baseball. It is very descriptive, for example when Joe Stoshack is substitute running for a member of the                     the women’s baseball team. It talks about what the signs are and what they look like, what’s going on around them while they are giving the sign, and him running home.
     The literary qualities of this book is plot galore. In the beginning of the book, it uses ways to introduce the reason Joe’s dad is a big Mickey Mantle fan, and why Joe loves baseball. It also introduces the idea of Joe time traveling using baseball cards, and he can only use baseball cards to time travel. The inciting incident happens really fast but also gradual. His dad gets in a car crash at the very beginning of the book and they don’t know how he is going to be, that’s why it is fast. It is also gradual because he time travels but his cousin swapped cards and he went to the wrong time period. With rising action, he gets deeper and deeper into what he is doing and it hooks the reader in. As for the peak of the plot, the climax, it made me want to read until the whole book was finished. Falling action and resolution are pretty simple, he fixes what he needs, goes home, everything is normal, and that’s the end of the story.
     The type of reader that would enjoy this book is someone that enjoys sports. The book is about baseball, but if you don’t know baseball but you like sports, this book will be good for you. If you were like me and really need a book for school or anything and the book doesn’t need to meet any requirements, this is a good book to look into reading. I really liked this book and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I like it because it’s a good story, it’s enjoyable and also because it’s short and sweet. The book is not too long, not too short.

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