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A Work In Progress by Connor Franta This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Connor Franta sets the stage for today’s youth with his book, A Work In Progress. His inspiring words flow directly from the text into the reader’s heart. The book entails stories from his journey from La Crescent, Minnesota to an internationally recognized Internet personality. Franta shares the life lessons that he has learned thus far. His point of view expands from in front of the camera, filming artful YouTube videos for over five and a half million subscribers. Stories are told, such as discovering his passion, having FOMO, reluctantly becoming homecoming king, and other important excerpts from his life.

This New York Times Bestseller takes the reader on a rollercoaster filled with joy, despair, rage, and relief. It is engaging, and one of the few books I have enjoyed reading in the past few years. Typically, I despise nonfiction. However, coming from a new, young writer, my interests are captured in the pages. Voice throughout the book definitely contributed to the feeling whilst reading it. Franta writes as if he is sitting with you at a cafe, chatting away. The informality welcomes readers and made me feel like I had known him for a lifetime.

One of my favorite stories that really left an impact on me after reading the book, was about Franta finally accepting the fact that he is gay, after denying it for over 10 years. This chapter gave me hope that his story will inspire others to accept who they truly are. It reminds me of my friends who have recently come out to me. Though I’ll never be able to understand the feeling of relief and pride that washes over them, I know that it is powerful.

While I was reading this book, I felt constant waves of emotion. The tales range from light-hearted to heavy. Words brought me to tears at times. Tears of sadness, and tears of joy. My emotions were played as easily as a piano. Some of the more heart-wrenching stories will stand out if you are a fan of Connor Franta. There are connections to YouTube videos that were told vaguely, but given more attention to detail in the book. It brings a greater insight into Franta’s life than five minutes every Monday ever will.

Two hundred and twelve pages are packed full of thirty-seven stories total. Each story is special and emphasized with detail on main ideas. I do believe that the book could've been made longer by going into more detail about each story in the book, or making more links between stories.

The individuality and character in every story left me desperate for more to read. If you're looking for some inspiration in various aspects of your life, or feel in need of a close friend, A Work In Progress is the book for you.

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