Everyday by David Levithan

November 16, 2016
By Mackenzie3Travis BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
Mackenzie3Travis BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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Waking up in a new body everyday? Normal, or not normal? Well, it is normal for the main character in David Levithan’s, “Everyday”. A, the main character, wakes up in a new body everyday. He’s tried everything he can to stay in the same body. Stay up past twelve, doing activity past twelve, begging his parents not to put him to bed, but it never works. He has never had the same home, same family, same friends, and he has never been in the same body. A can never be in the same body more than once, and he can also never be in the same body for over 24 hours.
Once the clock hits twelve there’s nothing A can do about it. New body. New home. New life. “Everyday” is about a boy who wakes up in a different body everyday. This has been happening since birth and he can only inhabit the bodies of kids his age.He understands what’s happening to him and goes on with his life. He has never gotten attached. Attachments cause him to get hurt. That was until he met Rhiannon. That was until he fell in love. Will he stay for her and do everything he can to be with her? He can’t stay in the same body for more than one day. Or at least he thinks…
What really made me read this book was the mystery. I wanted to know who A really was, why he was like that, and what he was. Every single page keeps you on your feet wondering what will happen next. While reading this book, I was so intrigued. I felt like I was the character and I understood everything he was feeling. While some people only like a certain genre, this book is filled with mystery, romance, and comedy. Altogether, the book was an amazing way to show people to never take anything in life for granted. In a way, reading David Levithan’s, “Everyday” changed my overview on life. This book is truly amazing, and it really makes you think about life and how you should be treating people and helping people everyday.
Although there are some parts in the book that could be cut and are excessively long, this book makes readers want to read for hours on end. It takes readers to a whole new world, the characters world. “Everyday”provides a sensational, romantic, funny, and all around inspiring message for anyone who reads the book.
Overall, if you would like an adventure through bodies, thoughts, families, friends, love, and mysteries, than this is definitely the book for you.

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