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November 6, 2016

“The Big Brother is Watching You” (Orwell page 5). This is a pretty good description of this book in one sentence. While 1984 might not be the book that makes you laugh or cry every now and then, it’s a very interesting informational book. Erich Fromm described 1984 as “more than a satire of totalitarian barbarism” which it is. The thing I noticed that was most interesting about the book is making connections between the life Winston lives and the life we live. The book criticizes totally controlling government, and to me the most disappointing part is that in 1949 when the book was written it was entirely satirical, however now with governments becoming more controlling and especially presidential candidates talking about what they would do if they were elected, the book is starting to look more and more similar to real life.
Winston smith is the main character; he lives in London, Oceania in the government known as “Big brother”. His society prevents any expression of individuality, or even freedom of thought. One day, a girl Winston works with gives him a note reading, “I love you”. Winston and Julia keep a secret love affair, but sooner than later, The Big Brother finds out. They tear them apart and Winston can never see her again.
I enjoy the book, because it gives examples of how governments will always surpass things. For example some of the connections I made in the book were surveillance; Winston is always under watch, and with agencies like the National “security” agency it’s starting to seem more and more like our world is becoming Winston’s world. Another connection I made, sadly, was love and being able to express yourself. Winston and Julia are made unable to love each other; the same way people like Donald Trump will talk about making gay marriage illegal. In these ways I like the book because it criticizes governments, but it’s sad we’re starting to become more and more like this.
Anyone that likes to think about things like government, and society and so on, would like this book. However if you’re a person if you’re a person that doesn’t want to think about the state of this country, and you like more happy uplifting books, this probably isn’t for you. With all this, anyone and everyone can learn something from this book. Maybe if everyone read 1984 and realized how similar it is to our society, we would be more open for change.

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