Gossamer by Lois Lowry

November 6, 2016

Gossamer is a very heartwarming and relatable story that will lead the reader through a tale of fantasy and wonder. This book was very enchanting. In this book, a sensitive old woman and a closed off, untrusting young boy learn to trust each other.

Gossamer is about a fairy like creature called Littlest One or Littlest for short, and her mentor Most Elderly. In this book, Lois Lowry does not directly state what type of creature Littlest one is until the end. Littlest is part of a community of similar creatures. They call themselves dream givers. Dream givers “bestow” dreams to humans when they are sleeping by collecting good memories by very lightly touching objects. Through this, dream givers get “fragments” of memories and put them together to make a dream. However, like every story, there is a villain if you will. These are called Sinisteeds. They were once dream givers, but now, instead of giving dreams, they “inflict” nightmares.

Most Elderly teaches Littlest how to bestow a dream. He is assigned a certain house. In the house lives an old woman and her dog. In the story, the old woman takes in a boy. This boy has had to endure many negative and harmful experiences that many don’t want to go through. The old lady takes care of John, the boy, and tries to get him to open up to her. One night, a Sinisteed makes it’s way into the house and inflicts a nightmare on they boy. When John wakes up and screams, the old woman come in and comforts him. By doing so, their bond strengthens. Littlest One has to help heal the boy in her own way. She does this by bestowing dreams that make him smile.

  I enjoyed the idea that memories make up our dreams. I also like how Lois Lowry makes the reader wonder what the creatures that give us our dreams are. She writes this book in a way that makes it enchanting to read. I also liked the messages that were in the story. Many were relatable and touching. This book has some heavy subjects in my opinion but doesn’t go in too deep. I really enjoyed this book over all and it was very touching. I think that this is a good book for everyone to read. However, I would recommend this book to teens and adults to read.

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