The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell

November 6, 2016
By , Vancouver, WA

Braveness is a good quality to have. If you are not brave, it can hold you back from so many things, even if that thing if death. In Richard Connell’s story, “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford has to be very brave throughout the whole story. In, “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford, a famous game hunter accidently went overboard from his ship in an area that others called evil.  He had to use his talent, intelligence, courage, and sneakiness, to get through all the obstacles that are thrown at him. The main obstacle he has to get through is when he meets a crazy game hunter General Zaroff.

At the start of the story, Rainsford is talking with a friend and says, “the world is made up of two classes--the hunter and the huntees. Luckily, you and I are the hunters”. (Connell 14). Rainford knows that he is a talented hunter. By what he says in the start of the story, he probably never thought that he would be the one being hunted. He is so confident in himself that he does not believe what others are saying about this island that they are currently sailing by. Unfortunately, he falls overboard during the night. Luckily, Rainsford heard a noise that he was not familiar with,  it came from the island. He then forced himself to use his remaining strength and drag himself to shore.

    Rainsford then started walking around trying to find some shelter, when he stumbles upon a chateau. He went up to it, and lifted the knocker , and it creaked up stiffly as if it had never been used before.  “A very large man, with a long black beard, answered the door, while also holding a long barreled revolver  and  he was pointing it straight at Rainsford's heart.” (Connell pg 16) Rainsford bravely then said, “Don't be alarmed. I am Sanger Rainsford from New York.” The man's free hand went  into military salute, and he clicked his heels together and stood at attention. Rainsford saw another man walking up to the door, the man said, “it is a very great pleasure and honor to welcome Mr.Sanger  Rainsford, the celebrated hunter, to my home.” What happens next in the story is when you see the true courage and excellent character of Rainford. He introduced himself as General Zarrof (general). The general then gave Rainsford food clothing, and a place to rest. An example of Rainsford being so smart, is that although the house looked like a normal hunters house (with prizes on the wall), Rainsford knew something was off. He was correct. The general told Rainsford that he is A big Game hunter himself and that game hunting is his life.

    Rainsford is now starting to figure out that he is the hunted and that the general hunts humans. The general told the rules of the game to Rainsford. “The general will give Rainsford a supply of food, and an excellent hunting knife” (Connell  22). Next he gives the person a 3 hour head start. Then the general goes out and follows the person, armed with only a pistol of the smallest caliber and range. If the general doesn’t find Rainford after three days, he wins, if he finds Rainford, the general wins.

    Once the hunt began, Rainsford's tactic was to get as far away from the general as possible, but then he realized that if he kept going straight, that would lead him straight to the ocean. Rainsford demonstrated his courage, sneakiness and intelligence, by using a series of intricate loops. These same qualities helped him hide for the night. When Rainsford woke up he heard a noise coming through the brush. He then hid in the leafs in the tree and tried to see what was approaching him. It was general Zaroff! The general kept eyeing the tree that Rainsford was under, but he couldn't spot him. “Once the general was gone Rainsford slid down the tree, and carried on. Rainsford then saw the general and Ivan with the dogs, in the distance. He had to think fast then he remembers a native trick he had learned in Uganda” ( Connell 27). The trap worked on Ivan but not on the general, but, at least it did slow them down. Rainsford had then reached the shore of the sea. This character really showed courage when he had to dive into the ocean. He could see the chateau, but the trembling sea was between them. Rainsford was scared to jump at first, but then he heard the barking of the hounds and leaped into the sea. The general was disappointed because he had lost his hunt and Ivan. He then went back to the chateau. Rainsford was standing in the curtains, so when the general switched the lights on Rainsford was standing right there. The general was shocked to see Rainsford, but the general sucked it up and said  “I congratulate you, you have won the game!” (Connell 28).

    Rainsford showed how brave he was throughout the whole story. From the start when he was not afraid of the island when they were passing it. He was brave when he fell overboard he, stayed calm. He was very brave when he jumped into the water to make it back to the chateau. Although this character was very brave, he clearly could not have saved his own life, if he was not has smart as he was. Rainsford’s clever tricks and quick thinking is what outsmarted the general. This character was very talented in hunting and used his talents against another hunter. Rainsford was able to defeat the general because of his strong character. He never thought he would be the hunted, but he handled with courage when this unfortunate event came his way. The character of Rainsford shows everyone to use their talents and courage when challenges come your way.

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