The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

November 6, 2016
By , Sandy, TX

When Huckleberry is adopted by Widow Douglas has sent Huckleberry to school to learn and she had rules for him. He doesn't like his new life, he doesn't like all the rules. On a cold winter day, Huckleberry sees a footprints that he believes he recognizes. His father finds Huckleberry and tried to get all the money that Huckleberry earned. When his father is told to leave not only does he leave, but he kidnapped Huckleberry with him.
Three months Huckleberry had been living with his father without having a choice. Huckleberry had been hidden in a cabin where his father says that no one will find him. One day Huckleberry finds a canoe on the river and decides he is going to use it when Pap his father leaves for town. Huckleberry finally makes a run for it with his canoe and when he wakes up one morning he woke up to a cannon and many people on a ferryboat. Also on the boat wat Tom Sawyer his best friend and his father Pap who were all looking for him.
Huckleberry runs into Jim who is Widow Douglas's slave that ran away. They become very close friends and worked together to stay safe. They work together to feed each other, and Huckleberry doesn't treat Jim like a slave. It isn't just Jim doing the work it's both of them. They don't turn their backs on each other they stick together at all times. Before Huckleberry runs away he and Tom Sawyer get a lot of money that Pap is trying to get.
Huckleberry hides the money and many people are out to find it including Huckleberry's father and Jim is taken so Huckleberry had to find Jim as soon as possible. Huckleberry knows that Jim will be hung and that Jim won't fight back. When everything is in order and Huckleberry saves Jim, Huckleberry wonders what will happen to his father. Earlier Jim had seen a dead body floating in the river and told Huckleberry it wasn't important and wouldn't let him see the body. He didn't want Huckleberry to be hurt. Tom Sawyer lives through being shot. Jim finally tells Huckleberry his father's body was the body in the river. Tom is healed and Huckleberry's Aunt wants to adopt him to civilize him, but Huckleberry doesn't want to be civilized. Huckleberry and Jim's relationship is long lasting and they treat each other like family.

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