Paper Towns by John Green

November 16, 2016
By aloehr20 BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
aloehr20 BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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“It was 2:49 in the morning. I had never, in my entire life, felt less tired.”

Paper Towns is a love story with a unique twist like no other. John Green captures teen romance in a nutshell with his own quirky twists that only he would think of doing. He makes the story go in the opposite way of what anyone would have expected. Just the title makes people question and want to read it to find out! Q Jacobsen has been in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman his whole life but won’t admit it to her and he doesn’t even think she knows anything about him other than his name. Until one night that changed everything.

Margo seeks revenge on some of her friends that have wronged her recently and she needs someone to help her, so she asks her neighbor Q in the middle of the night. They spend the whole night together and Q has the best night of his life. He gets to know the real Margo that he loves instead of just admiring her from across the hallway. After that night it seems that Margo has disappeared and this is a month away from high school graduation and everyone fears she will miss graduation. She won’t answer her phone and the only way to know where she is, is to follow the barely decodable clues that she left behind. The rest is up for Q to figure out with the help of his friends and Margo’s best friend Lacey.

This page-turner combines the great detail and mystery that John Green made for us to create vivid images of the characters in our heads to know and fall in love with as we read the book. It puts us into the mind and behind the scenes of a normal teenage life. We begin to feel as if we are actually part of the story and we can control the character's thoughts to figure out what will happen next in the story. John Green creates a whole city filled with clues and things that help us to help Q figure out where Margo is and leaves us wondering too. That brings us as readers to try and figure out where she went with the clues we are given to actually feel as if we are part of the story and world that John Green has put in front of us.

This novel combines romance with drama, comedy and mystery to create the ultimate teenage love story that is unique and unlike any other book out there. This is a must read for teens and anyone else of all ages.

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