Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

November 16, 2016
By Knicholson100 BRONZE, Newfields, New Hampshire
Knicholson100 BRONZE, Newfields, New Hampshire
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“Now tell me, who has the advantage?”

Lightning, a occurrence of an electrical charge in a short duration of time at every high voltage occurring in a natural environment. But what if that lightning wasn’t so natural, and erupted from your hands? Mare Barrows, a young girl who doesn’t have much going for her, has to face the inevitable of being enlisted in the war going on in her country, because with no job, she is forced to fight for her blood, her class. The reds are the lowest class of blood, the lowest respected. With the higher class being a supernatural blood type that causes people to be able to do things completely unnatural, they can’t be normal, and neither can their blood. Instead, it’s silver. 

Victoria Aveyard used a topic that has been used in many books many times, but she doesn’t stay within the lines. The tales of the supernatural and their thrilling powers, how the best supernaturals use their powers to save the world, and how they all do it while staying humble and keeping up with their lives is not the case with this story. Victoria took a different approach. Instead of the silvers wanting justice and wanting to save the world, they are filled with hatred, jealousy and cause war instead of stop it. They send the reds out to fight their wars. With a clean writing technique, and no confusing aspects to the book, Aveyard can get her point across while putting a spin on a modern version of medieval times. Red Queen is an absolute necessity for anyone wanting a story based on a girl’s powers and her will to survive

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A review about Victoria Aveyard's Red Queen

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