A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks

November 5, 2016
By AprilAmelia BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
AprilAmelia BRONZE, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Nicholas Sparks is famous for his classic romance stories, but his writing is not particulary captivating or descriptive. Although, this makes his works easy to comprehend. His novel, A Walk To Remember follows the romance of eighteen year-olds Landon Carter, student body president of his high school, and Jamie Sullivan, a very religious girl who is treated like an outcast, in the late 1950s. Landon has to resort to asking her to the homecoming dance, and that ignites their love. Through being the leads in her father's Christmas play, service at an orphanage, long walks home, and Bible study, Landon and Jamie grow closer, until [spoiler] when Landon has to fight to make his girlfriend and her disapproving father, Reverend Hegbert Sullivan happy.


Leading up to [spoiler], the story is very slow, with little description and figurative language. I almost stopped reading to book because nothing exciting was happening. There are two or three romantic scenes after this that will make your heart swoon. After [spoiler], everything happens so quickly; there's a lot of events and emotions that I would have liked to read about in more detail. I have to give it to Sparks, though - once he gets past the odd timing, there is a touching part, that I am not embarassed to admit made me cry.


If you want a short, sad, and somewhat sappy read, I would definitely recommend this book. Sparks does create a realistic, relateable romance with a good plot twist. Although, I would give the movie a higher recommendation. The director set in modern times (2002), which disappointed me at first, but it helps move the story along. They make Reverned Sullivan, who becomes a main character, much more likeable. They change the production of and the Christmas play itself to better suit Jamie and Landon's relationship, how their love grows and is maintained after [spoiler], and what Landon does to make Jamie happy - this last change makes the film much more romantic and swoon-worthy. The literary and cinematic pieces are very different, but the latter moves the plot along at a better pace with more details. That doesn't mean you shouldn't read the book! The novel has good plot points, relateable characters, and that classic romance that we all love.    

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