Sold by Patricia McCormick

November 10, 2016
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The book Sold, by Patricia McCormick, is about Lakshmi, a thirteen year old girl from Nepal, who agrees to go work in the city to help her struggling family. She thought she would work as a maid for a rich family, but she ended up being sold into prostitution by her stepfather. She is taken to India by this woman she calls "Auntie Bimla". When she arives at what they call the Happiness House, Lakshmi is so confused and doesn't know anyone. She refuses to be with customers at the beginning, but she gets beaten up because of it. She soon doesn't have a choice whether or not she wants to be with customers. She meets Harish, the son of one of the other girls that works at the Happiness House. They begin to become friends. Harish teaches Lakshmi English, he teaches her how to read, and he keeps her company. One day, she gets an American customer that wants to talk to her. He asks her her name, how old she is, if she wants to leave, and more. He shows pictures of a safe place that he says he can take her to. She is hesitant to answer him at first, but she slowly learns to trust him. Soon after Lakshmi talks to the American guy, there is a raid on the Happiness House by the police. Lakshmi then hears the American mans voice. She goes downstairs to see Mumtaz (the lady that runs Happiness House and that owns all the girls) in handcuffs and sure enough, the American guy is down there, along with other people from the picture. Then, the book ends. This is a very emotional book, but readers will find it extremely hard to put down and will always want to keep reading on to figure out what happens next. 

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