Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

November 7, 2016
By , Midvale, UT

Readers will think this book is very strange and probably be bewildered, but will relate to Alice as her seven year old self and how her different surroundings help her see the different emotions people face through life in the book Alice’s adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Alice despite the inane world in her dreams, Wonderland, her curiosity helps her keep going and push through the different emotions she feels throughout the book.

I really liked the book because it has pictures to keep the reader’s interest, but also that you can identify the problems she goes through really well throughout the whole book. I also love seeing the way she problem solves them, and at some points throughout the book she breaks down crying but gets back up and continues.
Alice’s difficulties in Wonderland results to humor and understanding of emotions with serious confusion at the wording they use in the book. The books humor and understanding of emotions in the book keep the reader’s interest because they want to see how Alice will get out of the situation she is in. The type of readers that would like this type of book would be children and teens, even sometimes adults.

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