Sword Song

March 16, 2009
By Anonymous

This marvelous book by Rosemary Sutcliff makes the characters come alive. A 16-year old boy, named Bjarni Sigurdson, which becomes a mercenary after being banished from his home in Rafnglas. He first sold his service to a merchant to Dublin. He met a dog that he decided to keep. Bjarni left with the merchant and they found themselves in Southern Ireland in Evynd the Easterner's territory. Bjarni sold his service to Evynd. After a year, Bjarni was forced to leave because he was accused of stealing from Evynd. Bjarni left with another merchant and soon sold his service to another lord named Onund Treefoot. He had many adventures with Onund and Onund treated Bjarni like a man. But his happiness was not to be. Ever since Bjarni had landed, the priest's daughter loved Bjarni. Bjarni had denied marriage and she got angry. Bjarni was soon banished yet again. He left Ireland and went near his home town in Rafnglas. Bjarni met a Christian lord named Theo the Red. Theo took him in as his son and sent him on a mission to a Christian island with his step mother. On the island, Bjarni made friends with a pastor there and became a Christian. He stayed with Theo for the remaining 2 years until his banishment was finished. He returned to Rafnglas. Bjarni had learned the meaning of an oath. There, he got married and made his own settlement where he became a lord.

My favorite character is Bjarni Sigurdson. Bjarni is both brave and loyal. He was brave in one of his adventures with Onund. He had dived into the water during a battle and almost got his head cracked with an oar. Bjarni had dived into the water to get to his master's side.

You should read this book if you like adventure, Vikings, mercenaries, or anything that has to do with war. A+

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