Summer Of Yesterday by Gaby Trina

July 22, 2016
By julie_oconnor GOLD, Attleboro, Massachusetts
julie_oconnor GOLD, Attleboro, Massachusetts
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The book Summer of Yesterday by Gaby Trina was published in the summer of 2014. Haley's summer is off to a bad end when she is forced to spend time with her dad, stepmom, and twin baby siblings at Fort Wilderness at Disney World in Florida. While any kid/teen would jump at the chance to spend a week in Disney, all Haley can think about is how many boys her friends are flirting with and how she missed the chance to start a new relationship with a cutie at camp, but Haley's father decided it would be safer to pull her out of camp and go on a surprise trip since she had suffered from minor epilepsy just a few months before. Her first day at Disney, she is invited to a scavenger hunt, one of the highest ranking things being pictures in "River Country", an old, closed-down, water park. In the midst of getting the pictures, she suddenly ends up in a strange place, which turns out to be River Country, but with a twist. She ends up in the year 1982, where she must find a way back home to modern day. She only has one piece of proof that she is from the future, her iPhone. In the midst of trying to learn the ways of the 1980's, she meets a boy named Jason, who is an employee of Water Country and insanely cute. So when he saves her from the lake, she has no way to explain where her family is or how she got there. He helps her escape from the medical center of the park, awkward interactions with people, and even the security office. It may seem like any other romance book, girl meets guy-girl likes guy-girl gets guy, but the ending of this book has a twist. Once she arrives back in 2014, she meets a friend of hers from 1982, but he has aged. He takes Haley to an island where she hid out at one point in the book, and she finds an envelope mark "Haley". So she opens it and finds a bunch of Jason's things, along with a letter.

I highly recommend reading this book. If you are not willing to read it for the pleasure of reading it, read it for the lessons it can teach you. When Haley was sent back in time, she wasn't able to talk to her dad, because he wasn't her dad yet. She was so used to him being there for her that she eventually took his presence for granted. This book made me realize that the people I see and love everyday are valuable, and that you don't realize how much you need them until you let them slip away.

I give this book:


5 out of 5 Stars

When I read this book, I didn't think I would like it, but the way Gaby describes the settings of the book and the characters personalities, I highly recommend reading it. If not for the pleasure of reading the book, it would be for the lesson it can teach you. When Haley was sent back in time, she discovered how much she missed her dad (even though he was right in front of her).

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