Twelve Angry Men

February 17, 2009
By Emily Davis BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
Emily Davis BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
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For some, especially me, the play Twelve Angry Men can get a little confusing. I will be the first to admit that getting characters confused in the play is not very hard. For those critically confused like I was, here is a spark of hope to, hopefully, un-confuse your mind and give a greater understanding that the aspects of Twelve Angry Men apply to our everyday lives as well.
In the play Twelve Angry Men, prejudice gets overrides the truth. Juror ten blindes himself with prejudice more than any of the other jurors. All throughout the play, Juror ten makes puns and references, such as 'them' and 'those people', to accent the people who grew up in the 'slums'. Juror ten, along with other jurors in the room, convince themselves that the suspect is guilty because he grew up in the 'slums' instead of building their conviction on what the evidence provides.
Time and effort is taken to getting to the bottom of a complex issue, such as what the jurors in Twelve Angry Men have to conquer while deciding if a suspect was guilty or not guilty. The jurors have to analyze each angle of the situation at hand before they make their decision. From the beginning of the play, they had already been there for many days and all were ready to see the trial completed. Only when each juror finally sits down, discusses each option of the situation, and analysis what could have happened do they come to a conclusion.
These lessons apply to Twelve Angry Men by how each juror emphasizes his or her emotions in a jury room. One juror shows just how prejudice he is while another juror becomes short tempered and easily yells. Time and effort undergone by each juror is the only way they can come to a conclusion.
In the most-of-the-population life, many people become prejudice to accomplish their goals of what they want at the moment. Many people blur the truth to twist it to what they want. In real-life, a complex issue, such as a group discussion in class, needs time, effort and endurance to get to fully understand the universal question.

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