The Chicken Doesnt Skate

March 10, 2009
By jason haskan BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
jason haskan BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
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The book is about a chicken that started as a science project and then changed peoples friend. For some people it was there mascot, there school pet and for one person, dinner!

It all started when the science teacher, Ms. Baggio said that " There will be a science fair in a couple of weeks." All the children started to think about topics. Milo a seventh grader, decided to do his report on the food chain. Milo went and adopted a chicken for his project. Milo had no friends because he just moved from California and was a science geek. He hoped by winning the Science Fair, he would find a friend that also likes science.When Milo brought his chicken to school everyone loved it. They all named it Henrietta. Milo thought that to name a project was stupid. By the end of the day, everyone got attached to Henrietta. However Milo thought that everyone knew what happens at the end of his project. When Henrietta would be fully grown, Milo was going to serve her to the judges at the Science Fair. He warned everyone not to get connected to it , but everyone didn't care what he had to say. Adam Lurie, was in grade 8 but in grade 7 for science because he failed. He was also the captain for the Rangers hockey team. the team had a difficult start at the start of there season; 0-5. They were the worst team in the league. A couple of days after Milo brought his chicken to school, Adam had to take care of her for the rest of the day. Walking home, after school, he remembered that he had a hockey game, and didn't have time to go home and leave Henrietta , so he brought her with him to the game. They won their first game. The team thought that it was because of Henrietta, so they decided to make her the new mascot. After that day, they started to win games with Henrietta.
Ms.Baggio made a list to help Milo with his project. Her idea was to let people sign up and take turns to look after Henrietta on the weekends. Milo didn't like this idea because he wanted to study her for is project, not let people play with her.Then something horrible happened; Henrietta got a cold!!! It was all because of Joey and Lynette. They are in the grade 8 and signed up to help with Henrietta. Joey only likes Henrietta because his a player on the Rangers. Lynette decides to have a party in her attic. The place got packed with about 60 teens. People began to carry Henrietta cage around. Then she broke lose. Everyone except the high school kids who didn't care, scrambled for Henrietta. Then she got so scared that she jumped out the window. Luckily she landed in a big apple tree. They did not have a ladder so the called 911, and had her removed for the tree. And the next it was published in the newspaper.

Now that Henrietta was sick, she couldn't go to any of the hockey games. With out Henrietta, the Rangers tied with that last place team in the league. Finally, Zachary who was in grade 7, broke the news about what was going to happen to Henrietta. Everyone freaked. There was protesters at school, people sending mail to the mayor so that he tells Milo to stop. That wasn't on Milo's mind, Zachary was. Milo wanted to know why Zachary wanted to be his friend so much. The truth was, Zachary wanted to get into Hollywood with his brutal screenplays, but he would always get rejected. Milo's father is famous on TV, as a great astronaut and scientist. Zachary thinks that Milo's dad can get some connections with Hollywood.The Rangers got Henrietta back, who was now healthy, they played the finals for there state. They won the game and were challenged by the best team in Winnipeg. The Rangers have never won against Winnipeg in there history. When the Canadians came off the bus, they were so big that it looked like they were from the NHL. The Rangers were freaking out.
The night before the big game, three people decided to steal Henrietta from school. Adam, Zachery and Kelly. Kelly was in grade 7 and just fell in love with Henrietta at first sight. They all decided to let Zachary hold her because he was the person that no one would suspect.
When Adam went to pick up Henrietta for the big game. In Zachery's room, his little brother started to attack Zachery's new computer with Hot Wheels. Zachery started to protect his computer by stopping all the flying cars with his chest, arms, feet even his head! What he could use on his body he did.Adam saw Zachery's old skates in the corner. Adam got an idea. He knew that the goalie that Rangers had now they were going to lose for sure.Adam promised that the Rangers wont give him wedgies anymore if he plays goalie for the game that day. But there's on problem, Zachery hates hockey.Will that Rangers beat Winnipeg? Will Milo find his chicken and sever it to the judges at the Science Fair? Will Zachery make it into Hollywood? Its all in this book.

Go to your nearest library and get it!
The Chicken Doesn't Skate is a great book for all ages. Its got its funny parts and some sad ones too, and some that are just amazing! I also enjoy how the author made the book. The idea of letting people see it from different persons point of view. Its pretty amazing how that book ends. I would recommend this book to all people that love chickens or hockey or just looking for a good read. I don't like both that much, but I still liked the book a lot!!! I enjoyed reading it because it just kept getting better and better. I always wanted to read more. I give this book 9 stars out of 10, because I think that the author could have put a bit more detail into it. The book was a bit confusing in the beginning but after 20 pages it was easy as pie.

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