The Journey That Saved Curious George

March 12, 2009
By Gorillas4u BRONZE, Springfield, Michigan
Gorillas4u BRONZE, Springfield, Michigan
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The Journey That Saved Curious George. Sounds boring? Dull? Stupid? These are all sayings that do not apply to this book. It is filled with beautiful colors, which are painted by the expert in the topic, Allan Drummond.
The Journey That Saved Curious George tells the interesting tale of how Curious George came to be. Did you know that the writers (Hans and Margret Reyersbach) of Curious George had to escape from Paris because of the war? And they were forced to ride a bike for miles at a time to reach Lisbon? Oh yeah, did I mention it was a 2-person bike!?! Could you imagine riding your bike from the top of Paris to Lisbon? That would take days! Although they were not sure in the beginning if they could make it, but they did.
The cover of the book is 'The True Wartime escape of Margret and H. A. Rey'. Although it does not focus the story on the war, it still plays an important role in the story. This book is focused on the escape of Hans and Margret, but it also gives a history lesson. Did you know that the original curious George in Paris was called The Adventures of _____. Wanna know what it was called? Well then read the book!
None the less, The Journey That Saved Curious George is a great book. Although at times it was dull, it regained its strength with the colorful pictures. I would have to say; if you just are looking for a book just to look at pictures, go to you library and grab this book. It is 70 pages full of color, history, and fun.

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