Best Friends Forever?

March 12, 2009
By Anonymous

My story is about two best friends that are inseparable. They are never apart. You never see one without the other. They've grown up together and have high hopes that they'll always live near each other. They plan to do everything together. Collage, live in the same neighborhood, retire together, even die together. But trouble interferes with their bright future when Bridget Baker jumps at the chance to be friends with the most popular girl in school, Lacey Day, leaving former best friend Charlotte in the dust. She brushes Charlotte off like a piece of gum on her shoe. Charlotte starts to question how strong their friendship was in the first place. After a week or so, Bridget doesn't want to be friends with Lacey but is the damage already done? Bridget tries to explain to Charlotte that she only wanted to feel important for once in her life. Bridget has always felt like the ugly duckling in her picture perfect family and thought that Lacey would make her feel like she stuck out for being especially great at something in her life but Lacey ends up doing just the opposite.

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