The Dangerous Book For Boys

March 11, 2009
By Francis Bogan BRONZE, Sea Girt, New Jersey
Francis Bogan BRONZE, Sea Girt, New Jersey
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Book Review

The Dangerous Book For Boys is a wonderfully written book. It isn't rich with details like a novel or full of facts like a biography, but it is rich with simple, detailed, and enjoyable descriptions and pictures of things to do.
But this book isn't just about how to do things. It's about many things a boy would be interested in, from famous battles to interesting facts. It combines fun things to do to fill up a Sunday afternoon or stories to tell on a hot summer night. It can bring friends and family together for a fun time and to do fun things that would be considered intangible without this book.
One thing I particularly enjoyed about this book was the vivid yet simple details that it uses to explain what to do to the reader. It tells many things to do that can really be useful in tons of different occasions.
Another thing I thought added to the book considerably was the simple illustrations that aid the descriptions. Unlike most how to and informative books, these books very much help the reader complete different tasks.

Overall, I thought that The Dangerous Book For Boys was an excellent book, full of wonderful descriptions and illustrations. It is well worth getting and it will appease every boy from eight to eighty.

The author's comments:
great book, totally worth getting

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