Hello Cupcake

March 11, 2009
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If you're the kind of person who adores creating adorable works of edible art, then the book, 'Hello, Cupcake' is definitely the right book for you. It is filled with dozens of funky recipes for cupcakes. They way I told that this was a good book for baking was that I actually wanted to make the cupcakes. It wasn't a pain for me to make them. The book was really good, because in the beginning, it shows you all the ways to make batter, pipe icing, and make expressions using food. So, in that way, it saves you a trip to the library or internet. All of the steps were straight forward, and even after reading them over once, I felt like I knew how to make the cupcake.

Besides for being very clear, the book was also very comprehensive. It covered everything I wanted to know, and more. Another thing that is great about this book is that there are lots of recipes in the back for every type of cake batter you can imagine. This could help you expand from just the normal cupcake. It covers everything, and has gradual steps that are very easy to follow. So, for all of these reasons, I would definitely recommend 'Hello, Cupcake' to anyone who wants to bake these delicious morsels.

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