The Shack

March 11, 2009
By Bradley Schaff BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Bradley Schaff BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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The Shack begins with a horrid story of a father, Mack, goes camping with his three children. Through a chaos of mishaps evolving the other two kids, his youngest daughter, Missy, was mysteriously abducted by a serial killer known for disappearing right into the mountains. They find Missy's dress soaked in a pool of her own blood at The Shack deep within the parks back roads. Although this is the start of the story it is only the premise. The story takes place within the thoughts and beliefs of Mack. The question being, how can faith in god be maintained with the suffering and pain in the world?
Mark is summoned back to the resting place of his younger daughter by the Trinity, represented by God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. God is played by a large black woman, Jesus a Jewish man, and the Holy Spirit named Sarayu in the story by an Asian woman. The trinity represents the one of God. The book is structured as tiers of enlightenment. Its intention is not so much the storyline as it is the spiritual thought process it guides you through. As you gain the knowledge of a concept it opens doors to a newer and greater one. The book closes with a final thought and question that leaves you searching for answers.

This book is an interesting critical read that requires much thought and research to understand beneath the exterior image of the characters. I would recommend this book for the developed mind looking to ponder spiritual science. I intend to return to this book later in my life when I am apt to understand it and gain more from The Shack.

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