January 15, 2009
By Drennian Martin, Shelbyville, IL

Dear Charlie,

I read your book, Silverfin it was definitely my kind of book! It was the winter of 07 and was entertaining for my boring life. The book was very good because it had great bravery in all the characters. Also it was so good on the foreshadowing that it made me read more and more of the book. I think teachers should read this book to the students of 8-12th grade.

I always love the part when James meets George on the train to Scotland. I thought George was going to kill him! Any way I think it is sad when Uncle Max (James's uncle) dies in the middle of the night don't you think that is sad? Well I do, so are you planning on righting another book besides Silver fin and Blood Fever? If you are I look forward to reading it! If you have written a book besides them I'm sorry that I didn't know about it.

The Minor characters were really good like Pritpal and Tommy were hilarious. Any way I always liked red Kelly and how it is his desire to find his cousin. James must be crazy to sneak in the Hellebore's castle. It's all about bravery in this book don't you agree? Also you have got to have a lot of guts to do such a thing Red Kelly and James did. Destroying all the evil scientific work in the Hellebore's castle. The pigs really freaked me out I could see them perfect in my mind! I can't believe George Hellebore went Over to James's side because his father went mad! The final thing is I enjoyed the accent that the characters used and the way you described them!

Over all I enjoyed this wonderful book, also I'm a 7th grade boy in Shelbyville, Illinois hope you enjoy this letter!

Yours truly,

Drennian M

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