The Truth about Truman School

March 4, 2009
By jelly BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
jelly BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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The Truth about Truman School is fiction. The numbers of pages in this book is one hundred seventy. The publisher is Albert Whitman and Company.

This book is about a girl named Zebby and a boy named Amr who start a website. The website tells about the 'real' Truman Middle School to say things that the school newspaper would never say, and give everyone a chance to say what they wanted to say too.
The main characters are Zebby who is not one of the popular girls. At school, Zebby is mostly shy but at the end she starts to open up. Amr, Zebby's partner, is a computer geek. He is shy at school but he doesn't act shy when he's pretending to be like someone else on the computer. And Lilly, who is the person who gets really hurt by what other people say about her. Many people in the school start to visit the website, but don't think much of it. They think it just one of those gossip websites. The website ends up getting way out of hand and people get hurt.

You should read or buy this book if you like drama and are, or have been in middle school and really know how it feels.

One good thing about this book is the setting is in a middle school, so I could relate to it easily. Also I like drama in it. However I think they push a little too hard on Lilly in the book. This anonymous person name Trevor wrote some pretty bad stuff about her so Lilly ran away for about two days. Also, the website was supposed to tell the truth, but everything they put up on the website was fake and made up. Trevor did many things to Lilly on the website. He posted a picture of her when she was fat and had greasy hair and the caption said 'who's the biggest poser at our school'? And he said that Lilly was a 'lezbo'. Also he put up a whole new website that was called 'We hate Lilly Clarke'. Lilly friends started to ignore her at school and she wasn't in there group anymore. Also her boyfriend Reece broke up with her.

The Truth about Truman School is worth reading because the suspense will make you to keep on reading until you the end. And it is different and similar to other books that I read. This book is similar to Click Here because it is a website, people get hurt by what they say about them and the main character is a girl. It is different because the website was a journal that got out in the school newspaper so people can see what she wrote about them. Also, in Click Here, Jane friend got mad at her about what she said about her in her journal. And in The Truth about Truman School, her friend does not get mad at her. I really like the book because of the setting, the drama in it and the characters in the book.

The author's comments:
My best friend inspired me to write this piece because she really like this book.

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