Generation Me Book report

February 13, 2009
By Drew Feldman BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Drew Feldman BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Generation Me: Why Today?s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled ? and More Miserable Than Ever Before, is a sarcastic non-fictional novel which helps give the reader an idea of the current generations take on the world and themselves. The story starts out with a Preface which gives a general overview of Generation Me and describes the inner thought-processes behind our generation. As the preface continues the reader begins to see the gentle humor and sarcasm in the author, Twenge?s tone. The author puts a satirical approach on a piece of literature that is scarily realistic. She describes the overall viewpoint of our generation and how we were groomed and molded to think a certain way. The rest of the novel explores different variations of this viewpoint and how it has affected us as people and Americans.

The opening chapter of the book is titled You Don?t Need Their Approval: The Decline of Social Rules. The title of the chapter gives off exactly the kind of vibe the rest of the book holds. The author begins by describing how Generation Me is a generation of self-absorption. The book describes how the Generation is taught to be self-inclined and that they are ?special? by their parents. I know this is true myself, considering the fact that, as a child, I was raised to believe I was special and could and would accomplish anything. That I could be anything I wished to be. And look at me now? I?m a High School student wanting to pursue acting ? one of those careers kids always dream about. I?m sure the author would agree that my parents would not have made the same choices and put forth the same goals. She described our parent?s generation as being one of sacrifice and one to explore things within a group ? not themselves. Our generation differs entirely, and through facts and scientific research Jean Twenge is able to backup her philosophy.

The story does not end there. The book goes on to describe different forms of narcissism that are much more prevalent in today?s society. Beyond the initial form of over-boasted self confidence, comes it?s relation to family and personal life. The author describes Generation Me as a much more informal group of people ? willing to go about their own styles and own ways. One of her main points was Weddings. Usually formal, nowadays, weddings can take place in shorts and sandals on a beach, or even underwater while Scuba Diving. All forms of expression, unlike Generation from before. Being a Generation Me?er, I see nothing wrong with self expression and questioning everything. It?s our jobs as humans to question the world. Jean Twenge?s got an answer for that. Through research she found that more and more youth are finding themselves to side with atheist beliefs and lack a total, unwavering dedication to one religion. Generation Me is beginning to question the ?traditional? aspect of life and move onto something more suitable and personal. While some are against this decline of conformity, the author states that it?s a part of our environment ? and is brought upon by our upbringings.

Generation Me gives its audience a chance to understand why we are who we are. Through her often funny, yet sarcastic tone of delivery, Jean Twenge?s non-fiction piece is a must-read for anybody willing to let go of their ego?s and understand their generation and it?s personality. Without Generation Me, many Americans probably would not realize the problem exists and definitely not understand any solution to fixing it. The phrase, ?more miserable than ever before? really stands out in my mind. Is there any way to fix it? The only way to find out is to discover what it truly means to be, Generation Me.

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