January 20, 2009
If you like books about young kids who love to play baseball, well, HEAT is the one to read.

Heat was a pretty good book. I learned an important lesson from this book and that lesson was that all older people can be kind when facing tuff situations. For example in the book a boy was up to no good. When he was in the lady house she sat him down washed his face and gave him something to eat. You would never find someone else who would do that.

It's not all about kids up to no good. It tells a story about a kid who is really good at baseball and they round up friends to play on a local field so, one day a kid was running across the field being chased by a police. When all of a sudden he was hit in back of the head by a baseball thrown from home plate all the way out to mid field. The boy's friends looked at him like what was that. The boy acted like he could do it anytime. The police was shocked ans so was the kid he hit.

They also talk about some of baseball's greatest players.

In my final words i think you should go out in get the book "HEAT". You have to go get it in order to find out the end.

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