The War of the Worlds

January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells was written in 1960. It is a classic historic-science-fiction. The main character has to many decisions such as choosing to be a leader or a follower. He must also decide to save someone or save himself.
In this book a massive cylinder crashes down near London. Everybody thought it was fascinating, until one day the cylinder opens up and metal tripods arise from the shadows below. The tripods began destroying everything that stood in their path. However, the worst part was yet to come. The villagers found themselves attacked by heat rays that burned everything to crisp. The military tries to disrupt their destruction. Can the townspeople escape this metallic mayhem.
The main character in the book is a man. They never state his name. However, the writer makes you want to believe in the character and what he does. I like the character because of his willing attitude. This makes the story seem better. For example in the story he leads a group of townspeople the right way so they can try to avoid the martians. This sets a very good example and is a reason why I like him.
The setting is London, England, in the past, but in is very hard to picture because of the way the author writes. It's not like any other books I have read. In most books it is like I am sitting on a cloud watching it all happen. However, in this I struggled comprehending H.G. Wells' reference to London.
H.G. Wells has an odd writing style. It is not like book written nowadays. He uses a lot of words that I am not familiar with. Also it is hard to understand where and when the story takes place because run on sentences and constant reference to places and neighborhoods in London. H.G. Wells was an appreciated scientist in his day. This quote from the book demonstrates his background as a scientist and how he draws parallels from our world and the science world.
I did not enjoy this book. It was very confusing. H.G. Wells had a writing style that you have to probably have to get used to. Since he lived a while ago the language was different and his style reflects the times. Therefore, I suggest you don't read this book if you don't like that style of writing.

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