February 26, 2009
Sara Zarr's Sweethearts is a heartwarming book the story of the two teens that have romantically reunited, uncover the teens past of bully's tragic memories and realizing who they are. This is a good book for people that like an adventure and some romance along the way!

When young Cameron mysteriously dies in a car crash, that's when Jennifer Harris learns that she will never be able to live with herself, so she changes her name to Jenna Vaughn, starts a new school and makes new friends! But when she realizes that Cameron was never dead, her last year in high school becomes her worst nightmare. She starts to become more like Jennifer Harris her old self. In this book young Jennifer will never be the same she will have to change her name and even move to a different school if she ever wants to fit in.

Between her boyfriend, friends, her overloading schoolwork and Cameron, Jenna finds herself realizing who she is and never was!

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