Midnight Games

February 26, 2009
By Jasmine BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Jasmine BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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If you like scary mysteries that keep you wondering all day you would love to read Midnight Games by R.L. Stine. It is about four teenagers, Nikki, Shark, and Nate. Who face some scary events but it all started when a former friend accidently dies because of them. There is a curse that people say go around in their town caused by the Fear family but some say it's over.
Nikki's cousin Dana comes into town and people think she is evil because she has the same last name as the Fear family, the family that caused the curse so people start accusing her of horrible things. Something else also isn't right about Dana whenever she is around something scary always happens.
Thats when the evil curse truly returns people are mysteriously disappering one by one. Dana claims she has nothing to do with it.
This novel would probably only appeal to an older audience such as middle school and high school. R.L. Stine has aldo written many other books that I really enjoy called Goosebumps once you start reading his books you cant stop. He mostly writes about mysteries, fictional things. I was impressed by how the books grab your attention and you can't stop I loved the emotion it was very dramatic.
Some paragraphs in this book were incredibly scary the book was so good I would defiently suggest this book to other audiences. They won't be able to stop once they start!

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