Busted! by Max Klaver

February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Stuart Ellis has it bad. He is always in trouble and has a over protective mother who won't leave him alone and, his mom has a super power according to Stuarts best friend Mack, she can sense whenever he does something wrong then walks in and busts him. One day Stuart was watching the comedy channel and just as his mom walked in they said a curse and he got grounded. He is not allowed to use his computer or play video games so all he has left is and she can't take that away from him, can she?
The next day Stuart is late for soccer so he gets a ride from 18 year old Jordan one of Mack's older brothers which his mom has forbidden him to do. Unfortunately a friend of Stuarts Mom is right behind them and she tells on Stuart. Later his mom forbids him to play soccer but Mack has a plan. She tries to help Stuart get his mom a boyfriend. She suggests her uncle but Stuart does not like him. Later he finds out his soccer is single so he gets his mom to date coach and all is well until Stuart and coach have a talk about his mom but she is hiding behind his door.

Betty Hicks's well-crafted, heartwarming, page turning book Busted is a great book for all youth readers that want soccer, adventure and courage. In this book the characters seem real and you can actually see this happening. I think that this book is Newbery Honor material but lacks a plot.

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