The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

February 25, 2009
By Devon Rivkind BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Devon Rivkind BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Ann Brashare, author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and three children. Her first novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, is a New York Times Bestseller novel. This novel is a story about four best friends who have grown up together since they were two and for the first time of them knowing each other, the girls will all go their separate ways during the summer. All four of the girls have different personalities, yet, they all get along with each other very well. In this novel, before all four of the girls embark on their summer journeys; something is discovered that the girls believe is magical. This new discovery, will keep them closer than ever while being so far apart from each other for so long. Throughout the novel there are hearts broken, friendships gained, and loved ones lost.

In this novel, there were many interesting events that took place. The most interesting thing that happened in this novel was at the beginning of it. This part really made me read over it twice and think about it. This part was the part where the girls discovered the pair of jeans that Carmen bought at a thrift shop fit them all; hence, the girls expressed the jeans to be 'magical!' The four girls, Lena, Bridgett, Tibby, and Carmen all have different body shapes; thus, it was a little surprising to read that the jeans fit each and every one of them, perfectly well. Right away, I could see that these jeans would keep the girls close together while being far apart from one another. Towards the end of the novel, I proved myself correctly. Through all the hard times that the four girls faced that summer, they were all able to talk about it to one another and give each other advice, through the jeans and writing letters. The bond between these girls is outstanding and unbreakable. For these girls to be so different, yet get along like sisters is remarkable. These girls make up each other; hence they make up the traveling pants!

In this novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, there are four main characters. The main characters names are Bridgett, Tibby, Lena, and Carmen. The main characters and I relate to each other in many ways, and we differ from each other as well. Just like Bridgett, I am very athletic and courageous and I have a lot of energy in me! On the other hand, I am not so much of a daring and reckless person. Unlike Bridgett, I think of the consequences of my actions before doing something. Another way in which Bridgett and I are similar is that we both have large appetites, and we both don't like being indoors! As for Tibby, she and I do not have much in common since she is rebellious, hypercritical, and sarcastic. Tibby judges people from what they look like, not who they are, but she later comes to learn that looks are not everything. The way that Tibby and I relate to each other is that just like Tibby, I am a source of strength to my friends and I do not judge them. As for Lena, she and I are alike since we both are afraid of trying new things. Lena is shy, and as for me, I am more of an open person. Lena and I differ from each other since she is very self-conscious about herself, whereas, I feel confident about myself. Unlike Lena, I do not like to be alone, and one of Lena's favorite things to do is paint by herself. As for Carmen, her I relate to each other since she is a very loving and thoughtful person and so am I! Carmen is truly devoted to her friends and her mother, and as for me, I love my friends and family with all my heart. Unlike Carmen, I do not have a bad temper and my parents are not divorced. Carmen recognizes the significance of friendship; hence, she tries to toughen it. If I were to befriend any of these characters, I would probably choose Carmen. I would choose Carmen to be friends with since throughout the novel, she seemed like a very warm and caring person. Her friendship with her three friends means a lot to her, and so does her family. I really like this about Carmen and I am sure that she and I would get along great!

In the novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, there were many parts that I know I will always remember. However, there is a certain turning point in this novel that I know will stick with me forever. This part of the novel is the part when Tibby finds out about the disease that is taking over Bailey Graffman, Tibby's new twelve year old friend. Tibby met Bailey while she was working at her summer job at Wallmans, and she found Bailey passed out in one of the isles. Tibby then called for help and later on she found that she had Bailey's wallet, so she looked up the Graffman Family in the white pages, and rode to their house to deliver Bailey's wallet. When Tibby gave the wallet back to Bailey, Bailey's mom told Tibby how Bailey was living with leukemia. The next day at work, Bailey comes to give Tibby another chance and so the two go out after Tibby is done with work for ice-cream. Days pass, and Bailey starts pushing herself to hang out with Tibby and help Tibby film her documentary. At first Tibby is annoyed, but then she starts to adjust to the presence of Bailey, and starts to see a true friend in her. At the end of the novel, Bailey becomes really sick and goes to the hospital. Tibby is aware of the situation, but she does not know how to handle it, thus, she does not visit Bailey in the hospital. Tibby finally gathers up the courage to visit Bailey, after Carmen had to encourages her and Bailey's mom calls Tibby and asks her to visit, since it would mean a lot to Bailey. When Tibby finally arrives at the hospital, she feels terrible and stays with Bailey for as long as she can since she knows that Bailey's disease is terminal. The last visit that Tibby makes to Bailey, she is informed the next day that Bailey has passed away. With the death of Bailey, and the death of Tibby's guinea pig, Mimi, Tibby could not sleep. The night of Bailey's death, Tibby took her dead guinea pig out of the freezer and rode down to the cemetery where Bailey was buried. Tibby dug a hole where Bailey's coffin was buried and planted the brown paper bag where Mimi was held in the hole and covered it up. At this point in the novel, one can see that Bailey has taught Tibby some valuable lessons, as to not judge people on their outside appearance, but to look deeper inside their inner-self. Ultimately, Tibby gains a new outlook on life and she is willing to live her life fully, and more opened to others.

During this novel, many events occurred. While some events were funny, there were some sad ones. There were a few events that intrigued me and a few that I knew I would remember forever. The four main characters in this novel relate to me in their own ways, and relate to each other in their own ways as well. These four girls have an amazing bond that cannot be broken. I loved reading this novel and I cannot wait to read the next sequel of this series.

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