Artemis Fowl

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

The main character a boy names Artemis is the greatest criminal mastermind that has ever lived. Now the Fowls are criminals such as pirates, forgers, gunners, robbers, con men and more but Artemis is something special. He's as cool as a cucumber, with an authority well beyond his 12 years. He has a commanding personality that's as smooth as China silk and as merciless in achieving his goals.

The translation of the book would take the work of a smart guy. Obtaining the book itself would be the success of the century. But for Artemis Fowl it is merely the first step in a bigger plan one that will restore his family's fortune. He would be the first human to actually succeed in stealing fairy got one ton of fairy gold to be exact! It's a bold wicked, daring and rude plan I need to mention again that Artemis is guard their gold fiercely.

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