Scratch Beginnings by: Adam Shepard

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Scratch Beginnings by Adam Shepard is a modern exploration of the American Dream. Shepard, young and just out of college, decided to try to achieve the American Dream himself. He went into a new city with nothing and through his experiences was able to achieve the American Dream. Tired of the apathy and cynicism of the world around him Shepard decided to explore for himself if the American dream still existed in the modern world, if it was still possible for someone to make something of themselves when they have nothing. Despite the skepticism of the world around him Shepard was able to do so. His book s one that gives hope to Americans that the Dream is not and never will be dead, and despite any upbringing anybody can be somebody.

Shepard's unique perspective allowed him to write differently. Instead of writing in a scholarly manner and using a bunch of studies and statistics, Shepard actually went into the world and experienced it. Because of this he was a able to have an emotional connection with his story and characters. He uses the vernacular of the world around him, it is as if he is talking to the reader. His writing style adds to the quality of his book and increases its' appeal to multiple demographics. Everyone should read this book before they give up hope on the future, before they say that something is impossible, and before they go out into the world and create their own Scratch Beginning.

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