Soul Surfer

February 17, 2009
T-Book Review over Soul Surfer
A-Teenager wanting to be inspired
P- To inform teenage reading lovers who want to read an awesome and inspirational autobiography

Who knew a girl could be so full of determination? Well not me, not until I read an amazing autobiography Soul Surfer written by Bethany Hamilton. You may know her better as the girl attacked by a shark and the cool part about it is that she is proud of that name. She said that it will tie surfing to her for the rest of her life. This girl has a passion for surfing, no matter what she will get back up on that board so she can surf. She has been surfing since she was five years old and her family loves the sport too.
On Halloween she was surfing the Tunnels (a surfing place in Hawaii) with her best friend Alana when a shark attacked her. This was very rare for this area, according to Bethany. She said it did not hurt and she didn't really panic, she yelled that she had been attacked and then all she cared about was getting to the shore of the beach. Then she looked down she realized that her whole arm was gone! At that very moment she knew her life would never be the same. After being rushed to the hospital the doctors had to quickly get her dad out the hospital bed he was in for he was under painkillers for a knee surgery. They needed to make way for Bethany she was in need for immediate help because she had lost almost over half of her blood.

After the first surgery she woke up to many news company's looking for a good new story about what had happened to this girl. This was a big thing in Hawaii even though it is full of surfers. She knew at that very moment that her life had changed forever, but she wanted to make that best of it and she knew that with the help of God's guidance that it would all be ok. Bethany believes that God has her whole life planed out and that everything happens to her for a reason.

I believe Bethany had many reasons for writing this inspirational autobiography. One reason is I believe that she knows that she was and is very determined and she wants to tell people about her story because she is very proud of herself. But who couldn't be she pretty much wants to do the impossible. NOTHING seems to stop this girl and nothing stops her never-ending faith with God. Bethany knows that having faith with God will make you better and richer person in life. She won't let anything get in her way.
I think that the most important message in 'Soul Surfer' is how that she has found her faith in God and how she can really trust him. I admit that I don't have any sort of connection with God that much but it has inspired me to take my own religion to a whole new level. She wants to inspire people with her life and to me this she truly has done.
She later on talks about how being attacked by a shark made her some what 'famous' but she didn't really need the fame with her family and friends close to her to help her with anything. She had to get a manager because her life was so hectic and she had people calling left and right wanting interviews and photo shoots. She was on 20/20 and other famous T.V. shows. Bethany said it got very boring answering the same questions over and over, but they all wanted to get the same original details. The only reason she kept doing the interviews was because she wanted to spread the word about God. She has shown that she wants to help other people, especially athletic people, who have lost a limb to face life with the help of God and be able to go back out and do regular day things without special treatment.
I think that Bethany has gone though something pretty extreme and to still have the same positive outlook on life is pretty amazing. This girl's story could really make people look at life a different way, because that's what Soul Surfer did to me. It is a quick and easy read and it showed me how Bethany didn't want anyone to feel bad for her'at all! She is happy with her life even though it was a hard time for her family and friends, especially Alana, but she still can get up on her feet and hop on the surfboard and have the time of her life.

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