Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Looking for a good book? If so, you should try reading 'Thirteen Reasons why' by Jay Asher. This is a great book for someone who likes a good mystery. It's a story about a girl named Hannah Baker who committed suicide. Before Hannah killed herself, she recorded herself talking on 7 different tape cassettes, two stories to 6 of the tapes, and one story on the last tape. On each side of every tape there is a reason why, and a person that made Hannah Baker decided to kill herself. After her death, she sends out a box full of her tapes and a map to the first person, the first reason she decided to kill herself. In each story, there is a place in town to go with it. That's why she made the map, so they could follow along with the story.
Clay is just your average high school kid. Ever since the 7th grade, Clay had a huge crush on Hannah; he just never had the guts to tell her. Clay was devastated when Hannah died. The one thing he wanted to know is: why? Why would Hannah do that? She had always looked happy to him. He feels horrible because he thinks that if he had known that Hannah was thinking about suicide, he could have stopped her. But he never saw it coming.
One day, after Hannah's death, Clay came home to find a box, with no return address on it, on his front porch. He takes it inside and realizes it's for him. When he opens the box, he's confused. Why would anyone send him tape cassettes? Also in the box, is a map of his town with red stars marking certain places on the map. Clay starts to listen to them, and finds out what the tapes are about. Thirteen reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself. Everyone who receives the tapes a person that made Hannah decide to kill herself.
Clay doesn't understand why he would be on those tapes. He barely knew Hannah. He wanted to know her, but he was just too shy, and lost his chance. Clay thinks that there had to have been a mistake. He doesn't want to believe that he was meant to get these tapes. He doesn't want to believe that he was part of Hannah's death in some way. But he keeps listening anyway, to here her voice. Something he thought he would never here again. So with Hannah as his guide, Clay wanders though the familiar streets of his town listening to Hannah's last words.
Why did Clay do to Hannah? Was it just a mistake that he got the tapes? To find out, read 'Thirteen Reasons Why' by Jay Asher.
This book really makes you think about the impact you have on someone else's life. Something funny to you can be hurtful to other people. From reading this book I learned that we make a bigger impression on people than we really know.

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