Sold by Patricia McCormick

February 17, 2009
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Have you ever wondered how people live in other countries? How about India?

In this book, a girl named Lakshmi age 13 is very poor and lives in a little house with her father, her mother, and her little sister. In India, the men have all the power, and make all of the decisions. In this book, you will follow her through many lands, states, and cities, for money.

Poor Lakshmi thinks she's going to clean people's houses so her parents will have money, but comes to find out she's been sold somewhere way different. When she awakes one morning at happiness house her keeper asks, 'Are you ready to go work?' And leads her to a room where her life and religion will be tested.

You will soon feel how she feels and see through her eyes, the question is does she get out alive?

This book is so amazing that others can't compare. Reading this book will make you feel so different about the world, and how crazy people and things in this world can be! This book is recommended to people that have plenty of time to look for new books, and people who understand others feelings and is willing to learn new things.

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