Legend by Marie Lu

January 3, 2016
By TommieLeah GOLD, Lagos, Other
TommieLeah GOLD, Lagos, Other
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The story is narrated from two different points of view: Day's and June's. Each from two utterly opposing walks of life in this dystopian era. The Republic (present day united states), is split into diverse sectors. And as a whole is at loggerheads with the colonies.

June lives 'wealthily' with her older brother Metias. They all work for the Republic. She is described as a child prodigy, a legend. She is the only child to have ever passed her trial ( which seems like the SATs to me) with a perfect score of 1500! As such, she gets into Drake (pretty much Yale right now) two years ahead of time.

This is a society where one is trained to fight, and not lose. To develop natural instincts neccessary for warfare. To think like the enemy, but faster! But our mischievious June often gets into trouble a lot at school. She has a certain threshold for mischief which must often be met. I'm not amazed considering the fact that she's younger than her classmates. C'mon, a girls got to do what a girl's got to do.

Day, is a notorious criminal with no face. Or at least, a face no one knows. He roams the sectors with Tess, his friend. The average little Peter Pan. John is the only family member who know's he's alive. He returns home every now and then witih a few family supplies.

Soon, Eden comes down with the plague, whose cure is as expensive as it's origin's incomprihensible. As such, Day goes on another exploit to obtain plague cures. Mission unaccomplished, but not before he meets Metias! And not before Metias Dies.

June goes undercover to find Day and make him pay for this supposed crime. But after a meeting with a caring boy, she uncovers more than she ever imagined. This romance is instant, incessant and almost inborn! But the romamnce is halted shortly after the long-awaited first kiss. They say there is no love at first sight, but this book seeks to contradict. Not only does she find love, going undercover has more benefits for her than the Republic.

There are things lurking, not in the sahdows, but hiding in between the lines. She just had to stop looking and start seeing.

The author's comments:

This is a beautiful tale, complete with the essentials of romance, whirlwind, suspense, and of course collateral damage. It's a good read,nd very short, which makes it way better!

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