Generation Me

February 10, 2009
By Anonymous

It's been said that time brings a change but it's actually the people. Generation Me reveals how the attitude of American teens has changed through the decades. But through their new mindsets they started a new revolution through clothes, media, and ideas. Twenge goes into detail about every aspect of life GenMe has changed and keeps changing the perspective of Americans.

Twenge starts off with GenMe values and outlook on religion. The number of kids that actually went to church was twice as low in the 70's than the 50's. Kids started to question what they did instead of just taking orders in the classrooms and at home. This new attitude led to rebellion and surprised the previous generations (40-50's). Most of the GenMe makes up the rules as they go instead of being told how to live their lives. Breaking tradition is the thing to do and be one's own boss. The fact that Twenge points out that the GenMe is honest about lying on tests in schools and home. It's ok to cheat on a test, who hasn't? But more kids are willing to admit that they do instead of taking the credit of studying all night long. A generation that doesn't put in much work to excel but to get by on others peoples work.

Twenge also speaks of the marriage status of GenMe. She speaks of how far the young people have come. By racial marriage was something many people in the 50's wouldn't dare do. Everyone was taught to stay within their own race and just be like everyone else. But GenMe (70's-up) decided to go for comfort more than conform. Twenge shows how GenMe looked beyond color but wanted to find love no matter what background or religion. GenMe can honestly say that doesn't color doesn't matter or play a factor in their future mate.

Not only did the people personal values change but the way they expressed their ideas changed as well. Television was once in black and white and showed the 'American Dream' that everyone wanted. But today it's more of a reality about how real Americans spend their time. Television used to be very safe for all young American eyes, but now there's a little bit of everything that the Baby boomers will never agree with.

GenMe is also a more independent generation that likes to do work for themselves and look to their parents for every nickel and dime. They expect to get their rewards fast at home, work and school. Twenge shows all this through her research and personal experience as a teacher.

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