Fast Food Nation

February 9, 2009
By Nicolas Steel BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Nicolas Steel BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Fast Food Nation, written by Eric Schlosser, is a novel designed for the specific purpose of educating those who are willing to listen about the untold story behind the fast food corporations and what goes on in their kitchens. There are many people who are credited for the dark secrets behind McDonalds' tasty fries and the tacos containing the mystery beef at Taco Bell. Overall, Schlosser writes a strong and compelling story, told with many facts, witnesses, and opinions all to serve the purpose of revealing the truth.

Schlosser's book is compared to The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, because the content's of this book, much like that of Sinclair's, reveals that disgusting and putrid acts committed by the high money making organizations. Schlosser further informs the reader with the use of interviews and stories told by many of the workers and contributors to the business, like patrons (those who eat the products), idle civilians, business owners, slaughterhouse workers, and many more. These stories and interviews allow the reader to understand first hand the process of the fast food organizations, the production of the meat patties, and the melancholy of working under such conditions.

Fast Food Nation targets anyone 18 and older, seeing as it describes processes that should only be heard by young to more mature adults (like descriptions of the occurrences of what happens in slaughterhouses). Regardless, research was thoroughly conducted before being written, seeing as facts are properly distributed among the chapters as it reports the details of what has been seen. Furthermore, there was a large field of topics have been covered in this best-seller. From the Founding Fathers, to Behind the Counter, to Why the Fries Taste Good, to Global Realization, Schlosser leaves nothing out. He doesn't even leave the psychological aspects of fast food marketing advertisements and their influence on children and adults in the dark.

The end of the nonfiction primarily focuses on facts as it explains the potential ability to contract and spread diseases of fast food. It explains why meat can become infected and further sicken the host and provides various disease that have been contracted from foods like the Mad Cow Disease, and E. coli O 157:H7. More than just simply explaining the symptoms and the possible results of being contaminated with said diseases, Schlosser provides events marked in history were outbreaks of these illnesses in locations all over the world. These are not the only facts that he lists, of course. He goes on to talk about the everyday influences of fast food in a person's life, in a medical way. He covers the nutrition that this food provides and the results of eating this food.

Overall, Eric Schlosser properly captures the facts and places them in a frank and direct method in order to convey his observations on the fast food industry. Using a variety of sources, witnesses included, Schlosser was able to properly depict a sense of an immoral massacre of animals and a gruesome treatment of the meat that goes out to the kitchens. Finally, Schlosser completely envelopes the reader is the detailed and descriptive story of his discoveries.

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