Mother Warriors

February 8, 2009
By Blair Reich BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Blair Reich BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Jenny's McCarthy's Mother Warriors is simply inspirational. She tells the story of the battles and triumphs she has been through raising her son Evan, who was autistic. Jenny explains in raw detail the life of a mother of a child with autism. She isn't afraid to take a stand and say what she believes in, even if it is controversial. She is trying to convey to 'mother warriors' across the nation that it is possible to cure autism, and she is very successful in doing so.

It is effective how Jenny uses stories of other mother warriors and their personal journeys with their children. Each person's story is touching. It gives the reader a whole new outlook on autism. Jenny knows exactly how to get on the same level as the reader as she uses a very personal tone so that you feel as if she is talking directly to you. She uses profanity, which usually I wouldn't consider necessary, but in this case it helps to convey her true passion for her cause.

Jenny's honesty is one of her strengths. She is able to be real and upfront about both the good and bad times she has been through, in the end leaving any mother with an autistic child ready to keep fighting even when people tell them to give up; to do whatever it takes to save their child. I had never been interesting in learning about autism before, but after reading Jenny McCarthy's and many other family's stories, I changed my mind.

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