The Giver by Lois Lowery

February 13, 2009
By gyasi muhammad BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
gyasi muhammad BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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Imagine living in a utopian society. A world where everyone was the same and you do the same thing over and over again for the rest of your life. Then out of no where you are given the job of the receiver, the most important job in the community. But you are constantly the outlier, always having to be aloof because you are allowed to have all these amazing abilities in which you can't share with anyone. Then you are faced with the decision of staying 'loyal' to the slave society or attaining your 'freedom'. In the science- fiction novel The Giver, the author Lois Lowry creates a society that is all of this and more. By reading this book the readers will be Interested and enjoy this experience as well as that having a perfect society is not what it seems.

Throughout the novel the themes of freedom and loyalty were betrayed. Initially, in the book it stated 'If everything's the same, then we have no choices.' Jonas expressed this after finding out that he was not free and that he was hidden from the outside world through secrets and lies. Loyalty played its part in all of this because in the novel it states, 'He tried without asking, because he feared that he would be denied, he tried to give memories to his friends.' Jonas was blamed for not being 'loyal' to the community memories, secrets, and lies that have kept them locked away forever.

The society of Lois Lowry is very much the same as our own . First of all, in our every day lives and even our ancestors were face with the aspect freedom. All over the world today there are always slaves how ever you see it. Even our food products are the same. In the society of The Giver they eat genetically altered foods because it is perfect and we also eat genetically altered foods because of the way it looks.

Lois Lowry's tone of this novel from beginning to end of this novel to the end of this novel is very subtle. The Givers tone was subtle because it took time for the novel to commence excitement. The plot had to build until the middle of the novel where it was very exciting. Lowery has the ability to express the way she feels through her characters words and actions. Lowry's vocabulary was very intense that is why I recommend this novel for teenagers and adults.

To conclude, the society in the novel The Giver is very much the same as every day society today. Look at it; almost every on has a car in this society just like in the giver's society everyone rides a bike. Also we all eat genetically altered foods and every one in the givers society eats genetically altered foods. Finally, in both worlds the governments keeps secrets from its citizens. Our society and the givers society are the same. I recommend this book to you because it will make you want to read it over and over again.

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