The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

February 12, 2009
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The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, by James Patterson, is a vived adventurous nocel that demonstrates the creativity of the human imagination. Patterson's novel is the compelling, comical story of a young boy thrust into a world that, to the reader may seem a little, "alien." As the story begins we meet Daniel X, and average fiftenn year old boy, that is, if you think a super powered alien hunter is a normal boy. Facing the tragic lose of his parents, at age three, he has set out to seek revenge for his parents demise. Before the death of his parents, Daniel's father gives him a laptop containing a record of the top 25 most deadly aliens on Earth. This list, as it is referred to in Patterson's novel, is also the reason, while trying to protect it, his parents died. Daniel X has made his way through the list, and now he has set his sights of number six, Ergent Seth. Will Daniel X be able to defeat Seth and live to finally get his revenge on the fiend that killed his parents, or does Seth prove too powerful and cunning for the teenage alien hunter.
I throughly enojoyed Patterson's epic story, and geive it an eleven out of ten. What i enjoyed most was Patterson's witty and timely humor. The mysteries and conspiracies of the novel just add that extra zest yo create a brillant beautiful story. the most appealling aspect of the sroty was the action, and I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys sacrastic humor and adventure. I also recommend this novel to anyone who wants a quick and easy read. This novel, and series, is and always will be onel of my favorites.

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