A Crowd of One

February 11, 2009
By Anonymous

In 'A Crowd of One' John Clippinger shows the reader all the different ways in which the world around us is changing, for the good and for the worse of our society. Some of the things that Clippinger express throughout the novel are the evolutionary forces that work in Renaissance Florence and Enlightenment-era, the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes in the presidency of George W. Bush and the of the human immune system in the case of identity fraud Mark Spengler. Another thing that Clippinger has realized and expressed in his novel is that the identifying is a fact not derived from within the individual, but conferred on an individual by a group, or network, a host of assumptions of how the governments work, how conflicts arise and are resolved, and how societies can be steered toward good are overturned.

'A Crowd of One' has shown me a product not just of a few moments of individual inspiration and creativity, but rather of how much of a societal shift that allowed innovation and creativity to flourish. Some of the wonders of society that affects all of us already raise some questions: What does it require for societies, organizations and individuals, to thrive? Who decides who you really are? How can happiness be shared and spread? Who can you trust? When John Clippenger preaches on these topics it really helps to open the readers eyes with how much modern technology and modern warfare has changed over the past thousands of years, and how these changes have affected us for the good and bad our public society. With all of this information that Clippinger has provided to the reader about understanding the depth of the human society and all of the changes that are being made that could change the outcome of the future of the world and its newly empowered individuals. Clippinger also hits on some of the major points of how many changes in time there have been the major rise and fall of all the different supper powers.
When you watch the news at night there is always some type of concern about global warming and how the problem goes all the way back to the industrial revolution days. Just think, if we knew then what we know now what could have happened from all these machines that would cause so much pollution, which in modern society there is all of these concerns about global warming and how all the ice capsules are going to melt and whip out all of the human society.

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