February 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Steven Levitt is a genius! He has the ability to captivate the reader with his straight forward yet sarcastic tone and voice. Freakonomics is a book that has multiple stories within it that keep you engrossed and eager to get to the next chapter.

Steven Dubner is a clever writer who can have you laughing one minute and subsequently feeling amazed the next. He keeps it simple and to the point without sounding like some plain old Jane.

Levitt and Dubner are able to take the world of economics and put it into a clear perspective so the everyday American can understand it. The chapter titled 'The Ku Klux Klan and Real-Estate Agents' is a great example. The chapter shares interesting facts about both segments while connecting the two and their utilization of 'information abuse'. In chapter five, 'What Makes a Perfect Parent' the authors discuss various economic tools such as Regression Analysis and Correlation to illustrate advantages and disadvantages children may have in certain situations. Stories and examples like these make the world of economics simple and easy to grasp.

Freakonomics is a great novel that anyone is able to pick up and get a clear understanding on the basics of economics.

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