Fast Food Nation

February 10, 2009

Eric Schlosser converses about one of the fast food pioneers Carl N. Karcher and how the landscape has progressed over the decades. Schlosser precisely examines the intricate relationship between Ray Kroc and Walt Disney an each of theirs emergence as famous entrepreneurs. Subsequently, the author profoundly depicts the complexity of the methods that were used to advertise to children and the influential style it played in schools, and on playgrounds as well as the television itself. Furthermore, he explains how McDonald's in particular rose to become the 'trusted friend.'
Scholooser begins to describe how teenagers are the bulk of the fast food workforce while providing in-depth information from the students themselves and divulging into the working conditions in the meat-packing industry with a tour of the plant and proving that it is indeed one of ht most dangerous jobs in America.
With everything that goes in the plant, such as woman facing the threat of sexual harassment, with the fact that the slaughterhouse is done by hand, thus making it making it highly-possible to receive many injuries, Scholooser was able to go beyond just the aspect of fast food and take account of how it is all processed, while connecting with the reader in many levels. As everyone may already know that fast food is not a very excellent source of food in giving the body sufficient nutrition.
Scholooser, however, historical ally introduces an anecdote of the largest recall of food in the nation, which allows him to explain the important of eating healthy food otherwise as the statistics show that many people can simply die from something as basic as food poisoning. In retrospect, unseeingly, there is no indication of this book possessing weakness, and in saying so, there is no reason this book shouldn't have been published due to its explanation and historical coverage of the impact fast food has had on the nation while giving the readers a broad view, then gradually transcending to the influential and comprehensive aspect that fast food as played progressing from the start of a pioneer to the introduction of meat-packing plants and their working conditions to finally the historical impact of fast food itself in alerting the landscape as well as the dietary lifestyle

The author's comments:
A thrilling and mesmerizing analysis of the New York Bestseller, Fast Food Nation.

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