February 10, 2009
By Fiyin Abraham BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Fiyin Abraham BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Economics or FREAKonomics?
Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner has opened many eyes about the world we live in today. It is astounding to find out numerous truths, facts, and statistics as you take a journey through the pages of the interesting book. This book carefully ties in many different aspects of life together, that many would most definitely deem to be unrelated. By gathering copious amounts of statistics and studying the behavior of the human race, these two authors and economists have come up with an interesting outlook on life. And how many things that may seem opposite, have very much in common. Through the chapters, Levitt and Dubner zero in on specific examples on how this principle is applied.
The first chapter focuses on how sumo wrestlers and school teachers are in common. As soon as the reader glances at that title, they become curious as to how this is possible. Naturally a person reading this information would be taken away by how far fetched it is, but as they read further, they are deeply mistaken. The reason Freakonomics is a success is because it captures the reader's attention, and makes the reader stick to the information. As the person reads through, they will begin to have a feeling of addiction; almost like they can not put it down. This addiction however is a good one, and not one that will ruin ones life, but enrich and supplement it.
Speaking of addictions, another chapter discusses drug dealers and why they still dwell in the same house as their mothers. This is more of an economic chapter, although it still provides that intriguing aspect to it. In this chapter, drug dealers are said to live with their mothers because they don't make much profit. They may be the most feared people in their societies and communities, but when it comes to making a salary, or a profit, drug dealers aren't very successful. There is no way for them to make much money because their 'employees' are poor, the people they sell to are poor, and if they don't make large amounts because they themselves are poor, then there will be no where for them to live. That is why they live with their mothers; they can not afford to be on their own, because dealing drugs doesn't get them anywhere. Economics in this chapter is made very interesting because it ties it with a topic that will capture readers' attentions.
Freakonomics as a whole is a book that gets a five out of five. It is a non-fiction read that has all the excitement of a fantasy or action/adventure novel. It is a recommended read for anyone who wants to further their intellect or want to obtain new, insightful knowledge. This book is also famous around the world. It has been translated into many different languages, and also has many different types of covers. These different versions of the same book support the fact that it is an excellent read, which will expand the knowledge of any person who chooses to quickly glance upon it.

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