Generation Me

February 9, 2009
By Grace Ahn BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Grace Ahn BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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No one ever takes the time to stop and think. Think about how times have changed, especially when it comes to the difference in generations. Really, think about it. Our generation is so different than the previous one, and in 'Generation Me', Jean M. Twenge descriptively describes all the differences and changes that have taken place throughout time.

Tattoos, gay marriage, interracial marriage and piercing were absolutely ridiculous and absurd in our parent's generation. However, today, it's completely fine and is considered a form of expression. In the book, Jean M Twenge examines and studies why young Americans today are more confident and assertive. She does this by giving examples from different novels and films, personal experiences being a 'GenMe' member herself, and by stating many statistics that help make her argument.

'Generation Me' is not a sappy book with a plot, climax and resolution. It does not make you feel emotions; it makes you realize the truth about today's generation. The book goes straight to the facts letting you know that this, this and this is what has changed between generations and because of this, this and this.

The targeted audience for this novel is mainly today's generation. Jean M. Twenge tells also tells us how we could fix the changes that have taken place after giving us reasons why it changed.

This isn't the typical book you pick up at the bookstore or at school; it's a book that gives you the real details about life today. 'Generation Me' is real, genuine, straightforward and assertive, just like the young Americans of today's generation.

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