Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

February 9, 2009

Have you ever wondered where our decisions come from or where the meanings we have to things flourish? How certain decisions can affect the outcomes of certain situations? Or how one quick moment can change everything for almost anyone? In the novel Blink by Malcolm Gladwell all of these questions and much more can be answered.
Gladwell touches on the subjects of split decisions and quick thinking and how they can be right or they can be wrong. He also expands his thoughts into everyday events such as marriage and dating, war and battle, food tasting, and much more. He also uses his personal experiences he lived while researching for the subject of this book. The different stories he shares with us in Blink go on to show and tell us how we as individuals can be better decision makers and thinkers within our daily lives.
Overall the book was riveting and exciting. The stories let you live within someone else's shoes and see how their decisions not only affected themselves but the people the interacted with on a daily basis. It makes you wonder about all the decisions one has made within their own lives, what would've happened if maybe another path was chosen or if maybe it never happened at all. The book itself is a learning experience all in it's own, teaching that not all decisions need to be made right away, and sometimes the best choices are the ones that took a little while longer to make.

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