Innocent Man

February 9, 2009
By Anonymous

The book 'Innocent Man,' deals with the murder and rape of a young 21 year old girl. Involving the case, the police and legal system are both stumped over who really committed the crime, even though they have quite a bit of evidence. The main suspect in the novel is a young baseball player named Ronald Williams. Growing up playing baseball, he wanted to play in the major leagues. Injuring his arm, combined with slight mental illness, and an addiction to alcohol, Ron flushed his professional dreams down the toilet. Knowing the young cocktail waitress put Ron at the top of the suspects list in which he eventually found himself sitting on death row. Looking at all of the evidence, it was kept from the town that the police believed there was another acompliss in the murder. This man went by the name of Dennis Fritz, a single father, and friend of Ron Williams.

Regarding the novel, I think that it was written in a timeline form. The facts and evidence are talked about in detail, and it made it look at little bit like a report. In the case, I believe that a lot of the evidence was not deal with correctly. Many of the people involved in the jury overlooked a numerous amount of detail hidden within the evidence that could have resulted in a different outcome sooner than it did.

The 'Innocent Man,' would be a number one book choice of mine because of the style that it is written in, but it was a very interesting novel. I have learned a lot about the justice systems in which I didn't know, and probably would have never known if I hadn't read Grisham's book.

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