Generation Me

February 9, 2009
By Nada Ashour BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Nada Ashour BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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The novel Generation Me focuses primarily on why people today are more confident and assertive than ever before. Twenge discusses about how in the real world, people are becoming more confident but also depressed. For example, more college freshman go into college with an optimistic point of view and think that they can achieve anything and everything because their minds are so used to those ideas being put into their heads. They have a semi cocky attitude and soon get a slap in the face and figure out the harsh reality that nothing will be spoon fed to them, and they have to work for it to succeed in life.

Twenge is mostly directing this novel on the generation that was born in the early 2000's. Apparently, this generation is more self confident in their everyday lives and get a boost of self confidence everyday. She mentions that they are more miserable than ever because too much self confidence can lead to depression and anxiety. ''40 % more people said that they felt a nervous breakdown in 1996 than 1957.' (Twenge 116). Twenge restates that this generation is experiencing more anxiety and stress than ever before. Even when receiving a perfect SAT score and GPA, the student is still not guaranteed a spot at one of the best colleges around the world. 'Yale Law School lets in only 7% of applicants'' (Twenge118). Towards the middle of the novel, Twenge talks about how 'We say that bad things aren't our fault in an effort to preserve our self confidence.' (Twenge 147). It has come to a point were self esteem has overthrown reality and it's awful to be too positive in a way.

Throughout the novel, Twenge focuses on common movies that show the everyday self confidence such as Regina from the movie Mean Girls and how she was extremely confident about her appearance as well as the other 'plastics.' The style that Twenge portrays in this novel is that she uses ethos and many facts from reality and what our generation should be concerned about. I believe that this novel had many facts that people would never consider and it seemed interesting to see her talking about GenMe in second person as well. It opened up my eyes on the idea behind being confident and why people are in anxiety as well as being what you want to be. I enjoyed reading this novel because it had many facts as well as real life situations and references to typical teen movies and how her facts portray to the movies. I highly recommend this nonfiction novel to anyone that would be interested in facts about today's generation and why today's young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled, and more miserable than ever before!

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